BOOGALOO, ROBOTTIN, STRUTTIN, POPPIN, WAACKING, HOUSE, ROCK, LOCKING, & more                                                       Spectacular Street Dance Performance Art for a Variety of Events & Venues | Established 2015   
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IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company will be performing a SOLO and a DUET at Burning Man - SF Burnal Equinox 2018 - Robota Oblongata THIS Saturday! The REAL robots come! get your tickets

Catch Ag & Ira performing under FIREBIRD DANCE COMPANY at the 30th Annual Russian Festival

Saturday February 10th at 8:30-9:40pm

Catch Agatron miming a sculpture for Davide Balula at Gagosian Gallery in SF

Come see the 3D mime rendering Fridays 1-2pm & Saturday's 3-4pm until Feb 24th, alternating with Drea Lusion.

Mimed Sculpture (Alberto Giacometti, Suspended Ball, 1930-31), 2017
Memorized sculpture originally made of plaster & metal. 3D mime rendering. Unique. Sold in USD or equivele nt value in BTC and ETH | #mezzaninebeecombcircusarts #mime

UC Berkeley EXP WORKSHOP WEEKEND: Women Edition


Open to everyone!

Come out and learn from a group of 8 incredible street dancers experienced in a wide variety of styles. These women have been dancing for many years and have competed, worked in in the dance industry, and helped to evolve Bay Area's dance scene both as an art and as a community. This workshop brings you decades worth of experience all in one intense weekend. You do not want to miss out on EXP Workshop Weekend: Women Edition!


1-2 PM Locking - Gail "G-Funk" Burks
2-3 PM Hip Hop - Samara Atkins
3-4 PM Dancehall - Emery Bonannella
4-5 PM Vogue - Shireen "Shea Mizrahi" Rahimi

1-2 PM Popping - Agatha "Agatron" Rupniewski
2-3 PM House - May Cheung
3-4 PM Freestyle - Chris "Fluidgirl" Young-Ginzburg
4-5 PM Waacking - Karla "Karlita" Flores

$10 for single class drop in
$30 for single day pass
$50 for full weekend pass

If you are planning to come, please fill out the form (link below).

If it's more convenient for you, you can prepay for the workshops/ day/ weekend that you plan to come to. Just venmo @peter-le- the appropriate amount so that we can get that into our systems.

We can't wait to see you all there :)


2017 Workshops, Rehearsals, & Performances 



GET YOUR TICKETS! for AN EVENING FOR HOPE this Saturday, 💯% proceeds go to support undocumented immigrants affected by the NorCal Fires. Agata & Ira perform "The Slavic Strutter" | Photographer: Cristabell Fierros

Many other performers/performances, raffle prizes, speakers & more. Get your tickets at Brown Paper Tickets


"In celebration of the House of Energi's 15 year anniversary, Founder Ultraa Energi and Father Ryan Energi are proud to present the Origins Ball in San Francisco! With "Origins", we honor the traditions and memories of those who paved the way for Ballroom. We look inward towards the source of our own creativity to unleash on the runway. We celebrate the birth of something new in the Bay Area. Embark with us on this journey, as we set out to bring communities together under one groove for a night of music, fashion, and fierce competition!"

Purchase tickets online for $15 at:

Performing a solo piece "Transformation" SF International Hip Hop Dance Festival VIP Party

Saturday November 18th, Palace of Fine Arts, 10:30 - 1pm |

A1, Agatron, & Pop Tart perform at SF Dance Film Festival 2017

Oct 21st - SAN FRANCISCO DANCE FILM FESTIVAL Presents...Among 5 other short films

Dev de Lena's film: BATTLEGROUNDS: The Hard Hits of Female Poppers, based on Angel Alviar-Langley's event What's Poppin Ladiez, was selected for the SAN FRANCISCO DANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2017!


Dopey Fresh, San Francisco native, T.U.R.F. dancing and gliding innovator

Angel Alviar-Langley, Seattle native, dancer & organizer of What's Poppin Ladiez 

Agatha Agatron - Polish-American, sf strutter/popper, artistic director of

Medea Sirkas, legendary pioneers of strutting, boogaloo, and the Fillmore dance style.


The film features Bay Area's IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company!

$13-15 for 5 Short Films | 3:30-5:30pm | Brava Theater Center 2781 24th Street 


Sept 22 & 24th - PUSHfest Dance Festival - Come see IRON LOTUS among the work of 19 other Choreogrpahers! We are in PROGRAM A


Interview with PUSH Dance Company:

NEXT CLASS! This Wednesday 8:30pm in Oakland at HAUS SERPENS, followed by Burlesque! Come through 412 14th Street | DONATIONS ONLY!

WHAT's POPPIN LADIEZ 2017 in Seattle, WA | Showcases on Sunday July 30th 3pm

IRON LOTUS @Mission in the Mix 2017 | SOLID GOLD Edition I June 23rd & 25th


IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company performs at community events and relies on paid events & donations

to rent space for rehearsals, purchase costumes, and keep it going!

We have an upcoming trip to Seattle, WA July 27th-30th to perform at What's Poppin ladiez 2017 & would like to ask you for help to get us there!

If you would like to donate, PayPal us at OR email for direct deposit information.


Ting Wu & Joanna Zheng of Chinese Beyond Borders joined IRON LOTUS

Photography by Amheric Miguel Hall

From top: Nikki Renojo, IRON LOTUS, & Bgirl Sova Di teaching the crowd

IRON LOTUS Strutting Choreography for What's Poppin' Ladiez!? DanceCrush Awards January 2017

Above: IRON LOTUS Strutting Choreography by Agatron for What's Poppin' Ladiez!? DanceCrush Awards 2017

IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company was featured in Dev de Lena's documentary BATTLE GROUNDS: The Hard Hits of Female Poppers which won Official Selection for Seattle Asian-American Film Festival. IRON LOTUS was also featured in Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" Music Video, as well as Acts for Silicon Valley Fashion Week 2015 & 2016, de Young Museum's VIP Opening & CLosing Parties of The Keith Haring Exhibit, San Francisco Public Libraries Grand Opening of The Mix Teen Center, Asian Art Museum's 50 Year Anniversary, GrooveMekanix 16 Year Anniversary, Creative Genius Dinner, and many other events & venues. 

For Booking, contact Artistic Director Agatron at | for latest news & events

Artistic Director of IRON LOTUS, Agatron, getting down...

IRON LOTUS Performs in San Francisco, CA, February 4th 2016 at Oakland Metro Opera House (above)

IRON LOTUS Performs in Seattle, WA, May 14th 2016 for What's Poppin Ladiez (left)

IRON LOTUS performs in Nepal with ALL THE WAY LIVE, January 2016, Strutting & Popping peice called "West Coast" (left)

IRON LOTUS performs in Phuket, Thailand with ALL THE WAY LIVE (above)

IRON LOTUS performs for the San Francisco Public Library GRAND OPENING of the Mix Teen Center

IRON LOTUS Opening Act for Silicon Valley Fashion Week