Since 2015, IRON LOTUS Street Dance Company represents strong & courageous dancers in Street Dance styles Boogaloo, Robotting, Popping, Strutting, Waacking, House, Breaking, Locking, etc). Performances include: Kendrick Lamar's Music video "Alright", Oakland Museum of California, Silicon Valley Fashion Week, de Young Museum, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco Public Library, Strutters Room, OG Poppers Picnic, & Oakland Boogaloo BBQ. IRON LOTUS is also featured in the documentary BATTLE GROUNDS: The Hard Hits of Female Poppers by Dev de Lena.

We do choreography & freestyle for a variety of events & venues! 


RESUME - Starting February 7th, 2015, IRON LOTUS's first 3 performances were for de Young Museum VIP Closing Party of The Keith Haring Exhibit, Diageo Napa Valley Winery, & 925 Hip-Hop in Concord. Next, IRON LOTUS was hired as the main opening act and as dancing models for Silicon Valley Fashion Week 2015, for the SF Public Library Grand Opening of The Mix Teen Center, Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" Video, Creative Genius Women's Dinner, & Shan Yee Poon School of The Performing Arts Spring Showcase.  IRON LOTUS also performed at community events such as Richmond Talent Show, Venus Rising 1 & 2, Womens Edition of Hip Hop for Change, OG Poppers Picnic, & The Strutters Room.

2016, IRON LOTUS performed in Khatmandu, Nepal & Phuket, Thailand with ALL THE WAY LIVE. May 13th-15th, IRON LOTUS was invited to showcase at What's Poppin Ladiez?! Event in Seattle, WA. IRON LOTUS also performed in Micaya's Mission in The Mix, a showcase of Bay Area Talent. 

In 2017, IRON LOTUS was hired once again for Silicon Valley Fashion Week. And in Seattle WA, Artistic Director of IRON LOTUS trained What's Poppin Ladiez!? in a strutting routine for DanceCrush Awards in Seattle, WA

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"Dance Free!" ~ Iron Lotus


Agatha "Agatron" Rupniewski is a Polish-American Bay Area Street Dancer & Choreographer who started Popping in 2002 at 17 and learned the African-American Bay Area History & Movement of Boogaloo, Robottin, & Struttin starting in 2009. She learned from teachers: Pop Tart, Plik Plok, William Randolph, Granny Robotroid, Pennywise, Boogaloo Dan, Chuck Powell, A1, Shabba, and others. She joined an all male crew, Plik Plok & The Robonati, in 2009. Agatron has been certified & training women Strutting free since 2013. She was hired by Kendrick Lamar to bring the women featured talent and is seen Strutting in a clown suit in his video "Alright". Recently, Agatron financially & resourcefully supported the creation of What's Poppin Ladiez!? 2016, an all women's popping dance competition in Seattle, WA. She & IRON LOTUS are featured in the documentary BATTLE GROUNDS: The Hard Hits of Female Poppers by Dev de Lena.

IRON LOTUS performs in Nepal with ALL THE WAY LIVE (above)

IRON LOTUS performs in Thailand with ALL THE WAY LIVE (right)

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